Things to keep in mind during a car wash

Only a car owner can understand the feeling of a clean & shiny car. And there is no doubt that it is not an easy job to maintain your car’s shine. With regular washing, you can try to keep your car’s shine for long, but sometimes it can backfire, when washing is not done correctly. Here, we are sharing 7 tips that you should strictly follow during a car wash.

Keep an eye on the sun: Often on the weekends, when most people get time to wash their cars, they prefer to do it in the afternoon and go for a smooth drive afterwards in the evening. But unfortunately, washing it in the sun evaporates the soap solution, which leaves unwanted spots all over the glass and paint of your car. Hence, one should not wash their car while it is standing in the sun in high temperatures. The logic behind not washing it under direct sunlight is that the soap should be wet until it is time to thoroughly dry it. Thus, it is advisable to wash your car when the heat comes down.

Do not let the dirt accumulate for long: We understand your car goes through a lot including dust, splattered bugs, bird droppings, etc. that can ruin the appearance of your car. Adding to this, some of these things can react with the paint and harm it. Thus, it is advisable to wash your car every week so that the dust & dirt do not accumulate for long, and your paint life does not decrease.

Do not use household cleaners: Cleaning your car may sound like a household task, but dish soap or any other household cleaners should not have any role in cleaning your car. Not only is the dish soap too strong for your car paint, but it also strips the wax off and dulls down the overall look of your car. Luckily, there are products available in the market which are meant for car cleaning like specialised sponges and car wash mitts.

Wax twice a year: We know that waxing is your favourite part of the car cleaning process where your car gets a shiny finish. However, your car needs a wax only twice a year- once in spring before the summer starts, and once during the fall.

Make sure your cleaning tools are clean: Did you know that after you accidentally drop the drying cloth or detailing rag to the ground, you cannot use them again? The reason being, after being in contact with the ground, they pick up the grime and small particles of dirt which can scratch your car paint. Thus, keeping an extra supply of towels and mitts is advisable. Once used, the towels should be machine washed properly before you use them again.

Wash top to bottom: A car washed from bottom to top is a car washed unprofessionally. While starting from the bottom, the dirt from the top is eventually going to accumulate to the lower part of the car, which means that the lower part needs to be cleaned again. So, it is always advisable to wash your car from top to bottom.

Hire a professional: Shine It Up Clean It Up cleaners are background checked and professionally trained to make sure that you get a memorable experience with a well done mobile car wash service. We are California’s leading Auto detailing service & commercial cleaning services provider based in Orange County. Not to mention, we are water-efficient, as we use only eco-friendly products, so your car wash is safe for the environment. Our car wash service includes hand shampoo, high pressure rinse, complete interior vacuum, bug/ mud removal among many others so that your car stands out in the crowd.

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