7 Things you need to know about Carpet Deep Cleaning:

Vacuum regularly: When it comes to the routine carpet cleaning, vacuuming is the most important part. Not only does vacuuming swallow up all the dust, dirt and food particles, but it also fluffs up the individual strands of the carpet. All vacuums, however, are not suited for the same carpet type. That is why it is important to select the right vacuum and use it regularly. Usage of the wrong vacuum type will not only leave a large amount of dirt in the fibres of your carpet, but it will also make it difficult to remove stains. Only a CRI certified vacuum should be used to remove dirt. Once half full, the vacuum bags should be emptied out to keep it running at optimal performance.

Avoid Hot Water Extraction: Hot water extraction methods may require loads of water, which if not dried in time can spoil your carpet completely. Hot water extraction may also increase microbial content growth in your carpet, which evidently impacts the health and cleaning of your facility.

Have basic knowledge of stain cleaning chemistry: We understand that your employees might accidentally spill over coffee, orange juice, or maybe some mustard sauce over the carpet. As all stains contain different elements, the same type of detergent cannot be used on the carpet to remove all types of stains. It is advisable to have basic knowledge of stain cleaning chemistry, so you can effectively act on every individual stain type. However, if not sure about which chemical to use against which stain type, one should not try experimenting, as it can spoil the carpet.

Incorporate low moisture encapsulation: Low moisture encapsulation is known to extend the life of the carpet, reduces its dry time, and also maintains its consistent appearance. It is advised to repeat use on a regular basis to remove the soil particles from the carpet.

Have a range of chemicals ready: Having a range of chemicals prepared means you can effectively fight any stain that sits on your carpet. From alcohol to baking powder, one should have a range of stain removers ready which should be environment friendly and safe for all carpet types. If you are unsure about your carpet type, test the chemical on a hidden side of the carpet before applying it on the stain.

Maintain your equipment: You never know when you might require your valuable carpet cleaning equipment again, thus you should take care of these properly to prevent future downtime. This includes disinfecting and washing your equipment to make them safe for the next use. Make sure to conduct their maintenance on a regular basis to make the best use out of your cleaning equipment.

Hire a professional: It is a risky job to clean the carpet without having the right knowledge, which can spoil your valuable carpet. Thus, it is always advisable to have the carpet cleaning job done by a skilled professional, who with the right tool can save you both time and struggle. Shine It Up Clean It Up as a leading Commercial Cleaning Services & Commercial Janitorial Services provider has more than 20 years of experience working with multinational companies as well as smaller independent businesses in Orange County, California.

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