Post Construction Cleaning Service in Orange County

Post Construction Cleaning Service in Orange County

Everything you should know about Post Construction Cleaning Service in Orange County


WHY do you need Post Construction Clean-up Services? 

A Complete GUIDE with everything you should know about Post Construction Cleaning: Post Construction Cleaning Service in Orange County

The idea of renovation sounds good, as it gives a new life to your commercial space, but there are few challenges that you may or may not have anticipated if you are getting your commercial space renovated. The most common problems that most business owners deal with after/during a renovation are- stray paint around trim, dust, and dirt around toilets and sinks, and caulk spots around windows are some of problems that every business owner deals with. Not limited to this, there could be hazardous materials to be disposed of properly and any other type of debris that you can think of left around the renovated site overlooked by the construction workers. Not only is it going to cost you time and energy to clean the clutter up, but also affects the business. Shine It Up Clean It Up brings you a guide with everything you should know about Post Construction Cleaning Service in Orange County. 


A construction cleaning services provider offers clean-up services to both commercial and residential construction sites. This clean-up process involves cleaning during the construction and post-construction, depending on the services you avail of. For the ongoing construction clean-up services, the cleaning takes place between the construction stages to ensure the safety of the area. 


Before the clean-up begins, your service provider will visit the construction site, observe the construction details to meet the expectations of the project manager, offer a free estimate, and receive further instructions about the job. To simplify the process, you can also make one scope of work or the checklist of construction cleaning at your site. This will also help to clarify the responsibilities of the parties involved. 


Construction clean-up can be divided into three crucial stages- Rough Interior Clean-up, Final Interior clean-up, and Exterior Interior Construction clean-up. Although not all construction clean-up jobs will require to go through all three mentioned stages. It depends on the construction project and the steps to be required during the cleaning. 


Although not all the stages will be undertaken during construction clean-up jobs. The construction project eventually determines the steps needed during the clean-up. Post Construction Cleaning Service in Orange County

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Rough Clean – Construction Cleaning Service in Orange County 

This clean-up stage takes place either after the construction work wraps up or during the construction. Rough Cleaning may include scrubbing down concrete or plywood to make sure that the new flooring is installed correctly. Proper disposal of leftover building material, debris, and other large pieces is largely a part of rough clean. It also includes removing labels and stickers from the windows, doors, and vacuuming the whole place. 

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Light Clean 

This stage requires the most equipment and is the most labor-intensive phase in post-construction clean-up. It involves cleaning rooms that serve a specific purpose, such as kitchens, restrooms, meeting rooms, to name a few. Here a thorough cleaning is given to installations such as sinks, windows, cabinets, counters, and toilets.  

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Final Clean – medical cleaning services in orange county

This is the last stage which is about applying the last five-minute touch-ups. During the second phase, all the dust and dirt that has settled will be wiped up or vacuumed. The cleaners will also go through the space to wipe down any markings, fingerprints, and smudges left behind by construction. 

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Exterior Construction Clean-up

This additional stage is for the construction projects which include exterior work. In exterior construction clean-up, the cleaners do a pass of cleaning which includes wiping down windows on the exterior, making sure paint and caulks are finished correctly, and picking up the debris outside. Sometimes exterior construction clean-up is a part of the light clean phase, based on the requirements of the construction project. 


Post-construction clean-up service is all about making your renovated/ newly constructed space spotless and attractive. This could also include any special services such as waxing & buffing floors and other touch-ups. Shine It Up Clean It Up as a post-construction clean-up services provider has more than 20 years of experience. We work with various independent businesses and multinational companies as their janitorial services, commercial cleaning services, disinfectant services, medical cleaning services, and post-construction clean-up services in Orange County, California.

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