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Stay clean and stay safe from diseases at your workplace | Office Cleaning Service in Orange County 


The world has undergone a massive upheaval, these are unprecedented times we are in. The way in which we live and work has completely changed. As the pandemic continues to spread in the United States, it becomes all the more important to take care of your health. Office Cleaning Service in Orange County 


While we may not be able to completely stop the spread of the virus, with routine cleaning and disinfection we can mitigate the risk of further viral spread. It is the foremost responsibility of an employer to maintain a clean environment and ensure that each and everybody from the workforce feels safe. Office Cleaning Service in Orange County 

Here are a few tips which will shield you from the current pandemic and various other diseases. 


Mask and Glove


1. Always keep disposable masks and gloves handy for cleaning and disinfection. Pay close attention to their disposal as well. Like Covid 19 there are various other types of causative agents that spread via droplets, like SaRS. Office Cleaning Service in Orange County 






Office Cleaning Service in Orange County


2. Regularly disinfect high-touch surfaces like doorknobs, light switches, keyboards,  washroom taps, elevator buttons, etc. These are surfaces that are used by everybody at the facility. So in case any of these surfaces is acting as the breeding ground of infection, anybody getting in contact might get infected.



Office Cleaning Service in Orange County


3. Be particular about the cleanliness of your kitchen or pantry. You should be double sure that high standards of hygiene are maintained here. The kitchen can act as the hotbed for the spread of innumerable infections as it is a place that is abuzz with a lot of activity. 




Stay Away From Virus


5.  Install sanitizers and hand rub dispensers in prominent places around the workplace. Also, ensure that these are refilled regularly. 







Social Distancing


6. Communicate and promote social-distancing norms and ensure that they are being followed. To avoid being infected and to halt the spread of any communicable disease we should maintain a safe distance from other individuals.





Healthcare Facility Cleaning Service in Orange County


7. Always be prepared with a contingency plan in case of an outbreak where your business operates. Planning and being pragmatic go a long way in staying healthy. We should always be ready to face the worst challenges thrown at us, this helps to mitigate the loss of lives and money.




Healthcare practitioner


8. Appoint a healthcare practitioner which will help you deal with any emergency situation. The presence of an expert will save you from taking any wrong step or panicking. We tend to reach a state of inertia when a situation arises for which we are not equipped. Having a healthcare professional would ensure that quick and effective care is taken to ensure the safety of one and all.



Professional Cleaning Service

9. Hire a professional cleaning service to sterilize the whole property – Hiring professional cleaners for disinfection is the safest option to ensure protection against diseases at the workplace. Professional cleaners come equipped with high-quality tools and products to sterilize your office. Professional cleaners are trained to disinfect your workplace with complete safety. 



Shine It Up Clean It Up is an industry leader when it comes to providing office cleaning services in Orange County to deter the spread of infection. We have over 25 years of experience in offering decontamination and disinfection. Our cleaning methods are exceedingly effective as compared to simple cleaning procedures.  We have set for ourselves high cleaning standards and thus we are pioneers of office cleaning service in Orange County. We have been the first choice of hundreds of businesses in Orange County, we deliver the absolute best in industrial and healthcare cleaning services. We come with all the bells and whistles to ensure that your workplace is as neat as a new pin. When we look back a year, we feel even more confident about the message we want to spread, that keeping your facility is the first step to better business. We at Shine It Up Clean It Up are forever at your disposal and we assure you that you can leave all your cleaning worries on us. 


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