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A commercial Janitorial company plays an important role in providing your employees with a healthy and safe workspace. If your clients/ customers are frequent in your office building, it becomes very important for you to keep your building in great shape to create a good first impression. However, if you have not hired any commercial janitorial company before and are doubtful about what things you should be focusing on, Shine It Up Clean It Up brings you a guide on questions to ask when hiring a Janitorial Cleaning Services in Orange County

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Detailed Work Scope – Janitorial Cleaning Services in Orange County

Detailed Work Scope is a document which talks about the details of the cleaning services that will take place at your workplace. From the list of areas that will be cleaned to the types of services, the frequency of services performed, and more. Having a work scope will help you set clear expectations and at the same time, the cleaning company will be able to give you a consistent cleaning experience.

janitorial cleaning services in orange county

Niche Checks

There are some niches that any commercial janitorial company has vast experience working with, and some niches that they have been untouched to. You should make sure to ask if the commercial janitorial company has experience working with similar businesses and premises like yours. If yes, then do ask for references, which will help you get a more clear understanding of the quality of services they deliver to their existing clients. 

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Employee Background Check

We understand the responsibility of your employees’ safety is on you, and you would not want any outsider to make them feel insecure. This is why we suggest you make sure if the cleaners at the Commercial Janitorial Company are background checked. 

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Employee Training

Since you are hiring a commercial janitorial company, you would expect professionally trained cleaners to carry out cleaning services at your workplace. You should ask if the employees are trained by the janitorial company after their recruitment. And most importantly, if the cleaners are trained specifically for Covid 19 and are following the CDC cleaning guidelines. 

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Cleaning Chemicals

You would want to know if the cleaning chemicals that your janitorial company is using are harmful to the environment or not. Make sure the cleaning agents that they use are recommended and approved by the EPA to protect your staff from potential viruses. Additionally, you can also ask for a list of the cleaning products that they use along with the safety data sheet. 

With the tips suggested above, you can choose the right commercial janitorial services for your workplace and ensure the safety of your employees while keeping your workplace in great shape. These details can spark questions that will help you have a better understanding of the janitorial company will be the right fit for your cleaning needs or not. Shine It Up Clean It Up has been working with various multinational companies and small independent businesses as their medical cleaning services, commercial cleaning services, disinfectant cleaning services, and commercial janitorial services provider in Orange County, California. We have more than 2 decades of experience providing you the best commercial janitorial services

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