How to make your office safer for employees during Covid-19 times?

As Covid completes almost 2 years around us, it has only become deadlier. According to the scientists at W.H.O, we have to learn to live with the virus for as long as it exists. The place where we spend most of our day is our workplace, which makes it very important for it to be free of viruses. Here, we are sharing a small guide on how to make your office safer for employees during Covid. 

Ventilation systems: The ventilation systems on one hand provide employees with better working environments, and on the other hand, they play a significant role in spreading the virus within the office space. Poor ventilation can intensify the presence of viruses, which are airborne. To ensure safe air in the office, one should focus on ventilation, plumbing, and filtration systems that dilute, remove and filter pathogens. The faculty should also concentrate on the MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value), which should always be high.

Social distancing: Most of the companies are having their operations through work-from-home arrangement, which ensures social distancing among employees. But, not all companies can allow their employees to work remotely. Such companies should frame a policy to ensure that employees are following the social distancing norms. In addition to that, the employer should encourage virtual meetings instead of in-person meetings with clients/ customers. 

Encourage Hand-wash: The employer should encourage basic hygiene and sanitization among employees. The employer can conduct a meeting about the importance of hygiene and how to wash hands properly. Other than that, it is the employer’s responsibility to provide basic sanitization tools like hand sanitizer and touchless soap dispensers, and to make sure employees are washing hands frequently. 

Office Cleaning: Office cleaning plays a huge role in keeping an office free from viruses. It is your commercial janitorial company’s duty to disinfect office furniture, appliances, floors, doors & windows on a regular interval. The janitor should have basic knowledge of Covid disinfectants and should know how to control virus spread with effective cleaning. The employer should opt for Covid cleaning services and make sure that the cleaner is thoroughly disinfecting the office once employees leave, to make it ready & safe for the next day. 

Hire a professional: Office cleaning when taken seriously not only controls virus spread, but also ensures a hygienic environment for your employees. Clean surroundings are known to increase the productivity of employees as they feel safe & better working in a clean environment. 

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