Healthcare Cleaning Service in Orange county

We have extensive experience of working with a variety of healthcare establishments including cancer centers, pharmacies, fusion centers, medical facilities, clinics, hospitals, dental cares, rehabilitation units, and more. 

We understand the importance of providing a safe and reliable service to our healthcare clients and we offer a range of special Healthcare Facility Cleaning Services, which meet and exceed the CDC Guidelines.


Thorough and proper daily cleaning to medical premises is essential to maintain strict hygiene standards and avoid cross-contamination. Our staff are trained to use colour-coded equipment and materials as well as the correct storage and disposal of used materials. We are constantly researching the latest in cleaning technology and newly developed chemicals and cleaning systems so that we can offer the best possible service to our healthcare clients. Healthcare Cleaning Service in Orange County 

Healthcare Facility Cleaning Services includes: Healthcare Cleaning Service in Orange County 


✔️ Daily cleaning to healthcare & medical premises (GP & dental surgeries, health clinics and veterinary surgeries

✔️ Janitorial supplies and the supply of consumables Working to meet and exceed CQC & CDC standards in hygiene.

✔️ Kitchen deep cleans and kitchen extraction cleans to hospital canteens.

✔️ Hard floor maintenance and cleaning (stripping & resealing, buffing)

✔️ Carpet cleaning & upholstery deep cleaning.

✔️ Annual, bi-annual and quarterly escalator Deep Cleans in hospitals.

✔️ Carpet cleaning & upholstery Deep Cleaning.

Healthcare Cleaning Facility
Healthcare Cleaning Service in Orange County

An experienced cleaning team is a backbone of a hospital, which helps to keep it clean 24*7, so the operations never stop. We cannot deny the fact that healthcare facilities require much greater attention to the cleanliness of the premises as compared to a corporate office building. Providing the patients with a clean and comfortable environment is one of the most important duties of a hospital. With a trusted cleaning partner, you can focus on the health of the patients and also save on expenses such as hiring new cleaning staff, their training, insurance, and more. Shine It Up Clean It Up brings to you several reasons why you need to hire a specialized healthcare cleaning service in Orange County.

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