Commercial Cleaning Services in Orange County

Commercial Cleaning Services in Orange County

Shine It Up Clean It up has been providing the best Commercial Cleaning Services in Orange County for more than 20 years. We work with small Independant Businesses and Multinational Companies as their Commercial Janitorial Services, Commercial Cleaning Services, and Offices Cleaning Services provider. 

Your Office is one of your most important asset. It’s a place where your business functions. Providing a clean work environment is a key requirement of a modern, effective organisation.

Cleanliness and Hygiene is utmost important to any organisation’s brand persona and client perception. It also has a major role to play for employee health and wellbeing and can directly influence team’s productivity through higher job satisfaction to fewer sick leaves. commercial cleaning services in orange county

DO YOU KNOW? About Commercial Cleaning Services in Orange County

Office desks contain more than 400 times the amount of germs as a bathroom toilet. Unfortunately, these germs contribute to sick days and lost productivity.

Shine It Up Clean It Up Commercial Cleaning Services understand that clean offices are a result of well-executed professional cleaning guidelines and timelines that are followed timely and consistently.

From your Reception Area, Entrance, Meeting Rooms, Washrooms to Pantry we will tailor your office cleaning to your exact requirements including frequency, depth of clean, time of clean. and more. 

Commercial Cleaning Services in Orange County


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If you’re looking for skilled office cleaners to maintain a spotless working environment, ensure the health of staff and maximise productivity, request a quote or site survey today.

Janitorial - Commercial Cleaning Services in Orange County

We understand how important it is to keep your building clean on a regular basis. And keeping it clean not only promotes safety, but also the productivity of your employees/ customers, as they feel more secure and productive in clean & safe surroundings. By outsourcing the Commercial Janitorial Services, you can ensure that your property remains clean and sanitary in the professional and trusted hands of Shine It Up Clean It Up.

As your Janitorial Services Provider, we will take care of everyday cleaning duties & keep your workplace well maintained on a regular basis, while making sure your facility always looks good and is ready for customers, business associates, and visitors. Our professional cleaners are trained to use the right cleaning equipment & products to minimize cross contamination risk & maintain sanitary conditions. It includes:

Commercial Cleaning Services in Orange County
Cleaning Services in Orange County

Waxing Methodology: After we strip a floor of old wax layers, it needs a fresh wax coating to remain protected. Our professional experts apply a new layer of wax byestablishing the cleanest base layer possible. As a result of our floor care process, it maximizes the time you can go between floor stripping sessions.

Floor Care: Strip & Wax Floors

While maintaining floors in good condition helps you make a positive impression on your visitors, neglecting the flooring might end up in costly repairs, which could have been avoided with regular floor maintenance. For 25+ years and counting, we have been providing floor care services, where our highly trained employees will completely strip your floor and re-coat all the areas with industrial grade wax.

Stripping Methodology: Our floor stripping service completely removes debris, layers of old wax, dirt, and other buildup off your floors. When scrubbing & buffing are unable to deliver a professional shine, it is a signal that you should have your floors stripped, so our team can apply a layer of fresh wax to bring your floors back to life.

Sidewalk Pressure Spraying

Sidewalk Pressure Spraying – When the exterior of your premises look a little dingy, you may want to use our professional Sidewalk pressure spraying service. It involves the use of a pressure washer to clean surfaces of dirt, debris, stains, and other elements.

The sidewalk is an important factor when you want to give a good impression of your commercial building as it enhances the beauty of your premises. At Shine It Up, we thoroughly clean your sidewalks with pressure spray. And at the end of the cleaning, you will see that your external surfaces are perfectly clean. It includes.

Cleaning Services in Orange County

Carpet Shampooing

Carpet maintenance can be one hefty task, which should always be done by a skilled professional, who with the right tools can save you both time and struggle. We care for your carpet, and for your precious time, which we can save with our Carpet Shampooing Services.

Our carpet shampooing service uses the advanced products & equipment. Not only we work with residential clients who need a cleaner carpet at home, but also commercial clients who want their hotel carpets, office carpets, or other business carpets cleaned.

So, if you are seeking a professional cleaning service, you should look no further than Shine It Up carpet shampooing service. We are well trained, friendly, reliable, and respectful to all of our clients.

Cleaning Services in Orange County

COVID CLEANING - Commercial Cleaning Services in Orange County

Cleaning Services in Orange County

In order to meet the higher standards of disinfection, and provide safer environments for residential and commercial buildings, our Covid Cleaning service makes sure your building’s interiors and exteriors are completely sanitized as per the safety standards. Our trained cleaners are equipped with the best sanitizing tools and equipment to make sure your surroundings are safe for your employees and family

Our Cleaning Services follow the 3 R’s rule:

Responsive People Our trained, professional, and vetted cleaners always pay seamless attention to each corner of your premises, even if you are not there.

Reliable Process All our cleaners are not just cleaners, but humans that you can trust on, while they are taking care of your facility.

Refreshing Product We are passionate cleaners with a consistent eye for every detail, and always use refreshing products.

Our Covid-19 specialized cleaning service fights harmful pathogens with mist sprayer, which is a fogging solution that emits high grade disinfectant and is the right solution for sanitizing areas that are hard to reach, and the large complex areas as well

Shine It Up is at the leading edge of disinfection in California. We turn any space into healthy space with our CDC compliant cleaning & disinfection system, including

Cleaning Services in Orange County
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If you’re looking for office cleaners to maintain a spotless working environment, ensure the health of staff and maximise productivity, request a quote or site survey today.
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